Dermatopathology is together subspecialty of two different branches of science i.e. is dermatology and pathology. This focuses on the study of cutaneous diseases at a microscopic and molecular level. Dermatologists are able to recognize most of the skin diseases based on their appearances, anatomic distributions, and behaviour. One of the greatest challenges of dermatopathology is its scope More than 1500 different types of disorders of the skin exist, including cutaneous eruptions and neoplasms.
Dermatopathologists must maintain a broad base of knowledge in clinical dermatology, and be familiar with several other specialty areas in Medicine. Some biopsies are interpreted by the dermatologists who obtained them; some are sent to pathology laboratories and interpreted either by general pathologists or dermatopathologists, while others are interpreted at specialized dermatopathology laboratories. Most dermatologic pharmacology can be categorized based on the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

  • Dermatopathology diagnosis
  • Dermatopathology in forensic autopsy
  • Skin Histopathology
  • Neoplastic & inflammatory diseases
  • Advanced molecular testing

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